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Producer, Director and Actress Catherine Mack is an Australian producer, director and actress born and bred in country Victoria, Australia. With a huge passion in health, she has worked as a holisitic health coach for 7 years, contributing to the wellness landscape internationally with both private and corporate clients. Catherine is passionate about mindset and guiding clients to find their purpose and connect to their why. She founded female-led Current Mood Films and devotes a portion of her time to creating a happier, healthier world through the art of storytelling...

Health & Performance Coach | Owner of Jungle HQ Since making the transition to properly filtered water I have found many noticeable changes within my body. My motivation to find a reliable water filter came when I discovered the potential risks associated with fluoride consumption in regards to calcification of the pineal gland. Since using the Bio 1000 I have seen improvements to my sleep quality, cognitive function and overall mental health, coming at no surprise given the pineal glands role in regulating hormones including melatonin. More immediately found was...

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