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    Types of Water Replacement Filters from Waters Co

    Water filter cartridges are essential to your water filtration to keep your water purification system operating at peak levels. Over time, these cartridges can lose effectiveness, allowing harmful substances to pass through. Regular replacement ensures that your filtration system continues to deliver clean and safe, mineralised, energised and magnetised water. Our Waters Co water filter replacement filters are carefully designed to fit various filtration systems. Whether you’re at home, work or on the move, you can rely on Waters Co Australia’s water filter replacement filters. 

    Benchtop Cartridge Water Filters

    Our benchtop replacement filters are designed to sit conveniently on your kitchen countertop, offering easy installation without the need for plumbing modifications. Made with premium materials and high-tech filtration technologies, countertop water filter cartridges require regular replacement to effectively remove contaminants such as chemicals, heavy metals, bacteria, and more. 

    Under-Sink Replacement Water Filter Cartridges

    Under-sink water filtration systems are discreetly installed beneath kitchen and bathroom benchtops and require a separate faucet plumbed near your sink for a dedicated water supply. Our Waters Co under-sink replacement water filter cartridges boast larger capacities and must be changed at least every 18 months to eliminate a broad spectrum of contaminants efficiently, delivering consistent, clean water for your daily hydration. 

    Portable Water Filter Replacements

    Portable water purifiers are ideal for people on the go. Smaller in capacity at 600ml, they require water bottle replacement filters more frequently to maintain optimal water quality. Our filtered water bottle replacement filters are ideal for home and work and make a great travel companion. In the form of easy-to-carry water bottles, these filters make a convenient solution for travelling where the local water supply is not considered safe for drinking or even in hotels where bottled water is expensive. Make sure you pack enough water bottle replacement filters for your trip.

    Jug Water Filter Cartridges

    Jug water filters are a cost-effective, convenient solution for a constant stream of clean, purified drinking water. You can keep the jug chilled in the fridge or at room temperature on the bench without taking up much space. Jug filters are highly user-friendly and suitable for small families or offices as they require no installation other than making sure your jug has plenty of water filter replacement cartridges so you can change the filters as often as you need. Frequent replacement of water filters ensures the ongoing performance of your jug filter, ensuring easy access to clean, healthy drinking and cooking water.

    Why Choose Water Filter Cartridges from Waters Co Australia

    You can count on Waters Co Australia for expert advice, cutting-edge technology and award-winning filtration systems. When replacing your water filter cartridges, you need to consider the following:

    • Cutting-Edge Filtration Technologies: We are the leaders in water filter replacement filters. Our cartridges include sophisticated technologies, including bio ceramics, Somelite™, and organic Germanium for enhanced filtering performance.
    • Commitment to Health and Sustainability: Our water filter replacement cartridges are designed to remove contaminants and reintroduce essential mineral nutrients, promoting optimal health and hydration. 
    • Scientific Excellence: Backed by our full-time research centre and scientific enquiry by leading experts, our water filter replacement cartridge designs result from rigorous scientific research. 
    • Transparent Information: We provide open information about the various filtration mediums used in our water filter cartridges. With detailed explanations of their benefits, to empower our customers to make informed decisions about their water filtration needs.

    Choosing the Right Water Filter Replacement Cartridge

    Replacing water filter cartridges is one of the most important steps to keep your system running effectively. With so many options on the market, knowing how to choose the right filter for your needs is important. 

    • Identify Your Filtration System: Start by determining the make and model of your filtration system to ensure that it is compatible with the water filter replacement cartridge. Whether you have an under-sink, benchtop, portable, or jug filter, knowing your system is the first step towards finding the best replacement. 
    • Evaluate Contaminant Removal: Ensure the replacement filters are made from high-quality materials and certified for contaminant removal. Assess your water quality and identify the impurities you want to remove. Choose a replacement filter that targets specific contaminants for thorough multi-stage filtration.
    • Check Capacity and Lifespan: Look for information on the replacement water filter cartridge’s performance to determine its capacity and lifespan to maintain long-term effectiveness.
    • Installation: Choose a water filter replacement kit that is specific to your model and follow easy to install instructions, minimising hassle and downtime during the replacement process.

    Trust Waters Co Australia for Your Water Replacement Filters Needs

    At Waters Co Australia, we specialise in cutting-edge water filtration systems and offer a diverse range of affordable replacement water filter cartridges. Our mission is to sustainably convert contaminated tap water into fresh, clean, alkaline, magnetised and mineral-rich water. You’ll find cartridges compatible with leading water systems, including MyWaterJug, Waterman, AceBio+, BMP Ace, Bio 400, Bio 500, and Bio 1000 filters in our range. Our water filter cartridges are made from premium green materials to ensure sustainability and the effective removal of contaminants, including pesticides, chemicals, heavy metals, bacteria, and pathogens, ensuring safe and healthy drinking water

    Why Choose Waters Co Australia Water Filter Cartridges?

    Our replacement water filters are backed by a lifetime warranty for faulty goods. At Waters Co Australia, we believe everyone should have access to clean drinking water without spending a fortune. Offering top-quality, high-quality water purification products at affordable prices, our premium replacement cartridges help reduce the impact of disposable bottled water plastic pollution on the environment. Our expert team at Waters Co Australia can assist if you're unsure which replacement filter to choose. Contact us for personalised recommendations and guidance on selecting the right water filter cartridge replacement tailored to your needs.

    16 products

    Waters Co Replacement Filter FAQs

    1. How to Replace Water Filter Cartridge?

    Replacing your water filter cartridge is easy. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for detailed information on how to replace cartridges. Turn off your water supply, relieve any pressure in your system, and then carefully remove your old filter cartridge before inserting your new filter cartridge according to the manufacturer's directions.

    2. How Often Should I Replace My Water Filter?

    The amount of time with which water filters are replaced is determined by several factors, including water usage, quality, capacity and filtration system type. To ensure the best performance, change your water filter cartridge every 6 months. However, the lifespan can vary depending on the product.

    3. How do I Know When a Water Filter Needs Replacing?

    Some filters have indicators or timers that tell you when it’s time to change the filter cartridge. If you notice a change in your water filter's taste, smell, or flow rate, it’s probably time to replace it. Over time, water filter cartridges are prone to dirt, residue, and other contaminants, making them less effective at removing pollutants from the water. Replacing your water filter cartridges ensures your filter system keeps your drinking water clean and safe.

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