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    Understanding Contaminants Found in Tap Water

    Tap water that has been chemically treated for drinking quality has several residual pollutants, minerals, and heavy metals that affect the taste, odour and hygiene of your water. Common substances include chlorine, fluoride, lead, mercury, pesticides, and microorganisms. While these contaminants are normally present at low concentrations, long-term exposure can cause harm to your health. Chlorine is frequently used to disinfect municipal water supply systems and kill disease-bearing bacteria, leading to an unpleasant taste. Lead, mercury and copper are among the most common pollutants found in tap water. These contaminants find their way into drinking water through ageing sewerage systems, copper pipes and industrial contamination. Heavy metals found in tap water — which also include cadmium, chromium, zinc, nickel, aluminium, fluoride and arsenic — can cause neurological and developmental problems in children. A quality under-sink water filter kit can effectively remove these toxins while alkalising your drinking water to improve quality.

    Benefits of Filtered Water from Under Sink Water Purifiers

    There are many health benefits that come from a water purifier tucked away out of sight under your benchtop. Waters Co under-counter water filters are designed to eliminate harmful contaminants and impurities from tap water while adding essential minerals, while other key benefits include:

    • Improved Taste: Filtered water tastes fresher and cleaner than tap water, making it more enjoyable to drink.
    • Removal of Contaminants: Under-sink filter systems remove harmful contaminants like chlorine, fluoride, lead, and bacteria, ensuring your water is safe to drink. PFAS (per- and polyfluorinated substances) are chemicals used to make fluoropolymer coatings that resist breaking down by water, heat, and oil.
    • Healthier Hydration: Drinking filtered water helps to keep you hydrated and supports overall health and wellness.
    • Environmental Impact: By reducing the need for single-use plastic water bottles, under-sink water filter systems help to minimise plastic waste and protect the environment.
    • Convenience: You can access clean, alkalised drinking water directly from your tap, eliminating the need to constantly shop for purified water or have bottles frequently delivered to your home or business.

    Exclusive Features of Waters Co Australia Benchtop Filter

    With Waters Co Australia’s benchtop water filter systems, you can easily purify tap water, making it safe to drink and keeping your family healthy. Learn more about the unique advantages of our best-in-class filter systems for clean, fresh and healthy drinking water:

    • Filtration capacity: Our under-sink water filter systems are designed to provide long-lasting filtration, with a capacity of up to 10,000L or 1 1/2-3 years, depending on your water usage and quality.
    • 4-stage filter kit: Our advanced filtration system uses a 4-stage process to remove impurities, contaminants, and toxic metals from your water, ensuring clean and safe hydration.
    • Alkalised water: Our filters alkalise water and add trace minerals, enhancing its taste and health benefits such as reducing inflammation and acid in the body, transforming it into energised, ionised, magnetised and alkalised drinking water.
    • Effective filtration: With a filtration rate of 99.9%, our filters effectively remove harmful substances from your water, including organic and inorganic chemicals, micro-plastics, heavy metals, fluoride, pesticides, pathogens and viruses.
    • Easy installation and maintenance: Our filters come with an easy-to-follow installation guide that will make setting up and maintaining your under-sink water purifier system a breeze. 
    • Environmental sustainability: Using an under-counter water filter system can reduce the need for single-use plastic water bottles. Made with green materials, they minimise plastic waste and protect the environment by reducing the hazards of microplastics in our water supply and marine environments.
    • Product availability: You can purchase under sink water filter system from our growing list of retailers, or you can buy directly from our online platform.
    • Trusted reputation: Waters Co Australia has been a trusted name in water filtration for over 40 years, with thousands of satisfied customers relying on our products for clean and healthy hydration.
    • Lifetime warranty: With our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, we offer a lifetime warranty on our under-sink water filters.

    Elevate Your Hydration Experience with Waters Co Australia Under Sink Filters

    Improve the quality of your drinking water with a Waters Co Australia’s under-sink water purifier. Upgrade your water filtration system with Waters Co Australia’s wide range of portable, domestic and commercial filtered water systems and shower filters. Our filtration systems are long-lasting, simple to install, and replacing filters is easy. Join the thousands of satisfied customers who trust Waters Co Australia for their water filtration needs.

    Waters Co Under Sink Water Filters FAQs

    1. How long do under-sink water filters last?

    Under-sink water filtration filters have an average filtration life of 10,000L or approximately 1.5-3 years. An under-sink filter's life depends on several factors, including water usage and the quality of your water supply.

    2. How to install under sink water filter?

    Installing an under-sink water filter is a straightforward process typically completed in a few simple steps. Start by choosing a suitable location for the filter system under your sink. Next, shut off the water supply to the sink and disconnect the cold water line. Install the filter system according to the manufacturer's instructions, securely attaching the filter housing and tubing. Finally, turn the water supply back on and check for any leaks. If you need assistance, please contact our friendly customer care team.

    3. How to change the water filter cartridge under the sink?

    Always follow the manufacturer's instructions when changing your under-counter water filter systems. Depending on the type of filter and how often your water is used, you might need to change it every six months or every two years. Doing so will help keep your filter performing optimally.

    4. How to choose under sink water filter?

    When choosing an under-sink water filter kit, consider factors such as filtration technology, filter lifespan, installation requirements, and maintenance needs. Our under-counter filters include activated carbon filters, UF membrane filters, and sediment filters, which also feature mineral replenishment and activation. The water goes through several filtration steps to produce clean drinking water. Look for a filter system that meets your specific water filtration needs and fits easily into your home or workplace. Choose a reputable brand like Waters Co Australia to ensure quality and reliability.

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