AceBio+ 1.0 Litre Alkaline mineral water jug filter

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The new design AceBio+ jug water filter is your solution to great tasting, clean, safe, drinking water for domestic use and travel. Turn your tap water into refreshing alkaline mineral water as nature intended. Remove bad taste, odour, chemicals, heavy metals, fluoride and bacteria.

AceBio's industry leading 10 stage filtration includes: sub micron pre-filters, silver ionised activated carbon, nano activated carbon, magnets, bio ceramics, organic germanium, bio-organic coral and silica sands. AceBio+ new design is the latest evolution of our 35 year history of producing Ace water filter jugs.

The AceBIO is quick and easy to use and refills in minutes. Ideal at home, in your kitchen, dining, office/workplace or take it with you for travelling to immediately enjoy the benefits of clean, safe, alkaline mineral water.

Make the change from unreliable and questionable tap water quality. Save your wallet from buying expensive and equally questionable bottled water (with micro plastics found in most brands). By simply filtering your water, you'll make a big impact on reducing the impact of discarded single use plastics on our environment.

Key points:

  •   Great water with a wow taste that you'll love going back to every time.
  •   Quickly turns tap water into naturally alkaline mineral water with around 60 Bio-organic minerals.
  •   1 litre capacity, Ideal for home, workplace, camping and travel and fits in your fridge door.
  •   Reduces tap water impurities up to 99% including: Bad taste, odour, turbidity from sediment, chlorine, chemicals, heavy metals, bacteria and rust etc.
  •   Remove up to 99% of fluoride using nano activated carbon compound.
  •   No activated alumina (aluminium) used in our filters!
  •   Boost your immune system and blood oxygen levels with Organic Germanium
  •   Hydrate your cells more effectively with magnetised water.
  •   Help increase cellular regeneration with Bio-Ceramics giving far infrared Ki (Life energy) and negatively ionised water.
  •   Enjoy peace of mind with our Lifetime Warranty. 
  •   Economical and easy hydration at under 3 cents per litre.
  •   Be sustainable by avoiding expensive single use bottled water and help reduce plastics in our environment. 
  •   Includes filters for up to 4800 litres or 24 months (subject to water quality)
  •   BPA, BPS and toxin free, non leeching materials
  •   No electricity or tap connection required

Click for more information on product specifications & technology.

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Gary H.

Very pleased with the BioAce mineral water jug

It's easy to fill it under the tap and not too heavy to work with when it's full. One litre, that's all. It takes about 10 minutes to filter that amount of water through. And it's silent. Our previous water distiller was a noisy electric affair with its always-on fan. So noisy that we had to situate it outside of the kitchen -- in the garage. Assembling the BioAce required carefully working our way through the little pamphlet. I'd rather the text had been provided in a bigger font for easier reading but we got there. Initially I was concerned that my TDS meter (Total Dissolved Solids) was showing a rather high count, espec when compared with the 0 score for the distilled water. Then it dawned on me to re-read the product description. This jug adds minerals, so no wonder there is a substantial TDS score! All told, we're pleased with this purchase.

Boone T.

Clean water

Very happy with my water filter jug.

Georgi M.

Perfect for my tiny apartment

Best tasting water and compact in size!

Renee S.


Absolutely love this jug. Water tastes so clean and hydrating. Have recommended to many people already!

Noela M.


I am really impressed with The AceBio. While I loved the previous Bio Mineral Pot, this one really ups the anti. You can read all the the great tech stuff. For me it is quick and easy to use plus looks good. It fits in the fridge door and robust enough to travel in our caravan.

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