Dr Marilyn Golden

Dr Marilyn Golden is an Integrative Medical Doctor and has thrived on a raw vegan diet for many years.

Marilyn specialises in nutrition for wellness, anti-aging and reversing illness. As a motivational speaker & author Marilyn has few peers, her book Golden Energy, Recipes for Rejuvenation is a practical, delicious guide to restoring optimum health and energy through incorporating raw, fresh, whole, plant-based foods in easy and inspiring ways.

Marilyn’s Qualifications include:

  • MB.ChB ( Cape Town) 7 years in hospital employment in Cape Town-departments of Surgery, Paediatric surgery, Surgical intensive care unit, Gynaecology and Obstetrics, Renal Unit, General Medicine Intensive Care unit, Infectious diseases, Geriatric Outpatients, Emergency Night duty.?
  • Cert.Plant based Nutrition (Cornell)
  • Dip. Aromatherapy (SA and ITEK UK)
  • Dip.Clinical Nutrition (Australia)?Dip. Homoeopathy (Australia)
  • Dip.Phytotherapy (Australia)
  • Cert.Chinese Herbal Medicine (Australia)?
  • AMAC Medical Acupuncture Fellowship P 1(Australia)
  • Low level laser Therapy - Acupuncture, pain management,skin therapy,laser needle acupuncture therapy ( new to Australia).?
  • Bioptron light therapy
  • Scenar therapist
  • Frequency specific microcurrent therapist
  • At present studying for the Diploma in Integral Yoga