Research and Development

Waters Co Ltd operate a full time research centre where some of the worlds leading scientists in their respective fields examine water quality issues, to not only address an ever growing number of contaminants found in our drinking water but also to ensure our commitment to you in making the best quality drinking water for your continued health. Our products are a culmination of the equivalent of hundreds of years of scientific research, combined with ancient wisdom and nature's timeless principles.

As well as being the first to market with water filter systems of this kind, for over 30 years we have continued to break ground with world first filtration technologies incorporated into our systems including, bio ceramics, Somelite ™, Jade stone, organic Germanium and more.

First & foremost our priority is to produce water filter systems that will turn contaminated tap water into refreshing, clean, sterilised drinking water, with all the mineral nutrients as nature intended. It is one thing to effectively remove potentially harmful contaminants from the water, however we don't just stop there! Our filter systems are designed to re-introduce natural trace minerals beneficial to health and create living energetic water that offers the highest level of hydration!

With the highest regard to the environment, renewable resources are used wherever possible. We minimise the use of artificial components and do not require electricity to create alkaline mineral water (unlike ionizer systems). This is achieved using nature’s principles by the addition of natural alkalising mineral ions. All our products use glass or safe non-chemical & hormone leeching, BPA free materials.

Our research looks into how water can help to deliver optimum health and longevity, free from chronic and degenerative diseases common in modern society due to stress on our bodies (typically from diet and lifestyle).

On these pages we explain the various filtration mediums used, why we use them & most importantly the benefits they offer.