Shower safely with Waters Co’s celebrated shower filter

While you wash, scrub, and clean in the bathroom, your shower head is dousing you in chlorine and bacteria-filled water. These contaminants not only disrupt the pH balance of your skin and hair, causing dryness and irritation, they also kill the good bacteria on your body. And as you shower, chlorine can enter your system through inhalation and skin absorption, putting your health at risk.  

Bring back the purifying effects of your morning shower with Waters Therapy Shower Filter, a shower head filter that uses a potent mix of vitamin C and collagen to get rid of chlorine, rust, and sediments. It also creates a negative ion effect on water, destroying fungus and bacteria in the process.   

Treat your skin to clean and safe water. Step out of the shower feeling more refreshed and relaxed than ever before. Using an effective shower water filter like ours is a simple and inexpensive way of ensuring your well-being. 

Start with wellness today. Choose clean shower water. Choose Waters Therapy Shower Filter.

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Therapy Shower Neutral

   Therapy Shower takes shower filters to a whole new level. Removing chlorine and chloramine. Using a patented combination of Vitamin C, Collagen, Magnetising and creating a Negative ion effect....
Shower Filters

Therapy Shower Lavender

  Give your skin a holiday! Removing chlorine and chloramine. Using a patented combination of Vitamin C, Collagen, Magnetising and creating a Negative ion effect. 1 x 10,000 Litre replaceable...
Shower Filters

Therapy Shower Lemon

  Therapy Shower takes shower filters to a whole new level. Removing chlorine and chloramine. Using a patented combination of Vitamin C, Collagen, Magnetising and creating a Negative ion effect....

The skin is the body’s largest organ, serving as cover and protection from the elements. It also has an amazing capacity for absorption, for better or for worse. Exposing your skin to chlorine in the shower makes you vulnerable to a host of health issues.

Chlorine has a drying effect on the skin and scalp, causing irritation and sensitivity. It also disturbs the skin microbiome, or the balance of good and bad bacteria on your skin, which has been linked to eczema flare-ups and other skin problems. And that’s the least of it.

Showering in warm water makes skin absorption faster and easier, and small amounts of chlorine can pass through the skin barrier and into the bloodstream. You might even be ingesting more chlorine through showering than drinking depending on chlorine levels in your bath water.

And while the body is good at expelling harmful chemicals, repeated exposure to high levels of chlorine through showering can compromise your health.

This is where our shower filter comes in. Waters Therapy Shower was designed to keep your skin safe from harsh chemicals. Vitamin C is known to interact with chlorine by consuming it. Protect your skin, so it can protect you.


Our shower head water filter is hard on hard water. Ideal for use with flex hose shower systems, Waters Therapy Shower comes with a membrane sediment filter that refines shower water by getting rid of organic impurities. The vitamin C component removes chlorine, while collagen improves your skin’s elasticity.

The product of inventiveness and tireless research, Waters Therapy Shower was meant to amplify the benefits of showering by purifying, magnetising, and ionising water.

Give your skin a breather. Our shower head filter truly makes showering therapeutic. Waters Therapy Shower comes in three varieties: Neutral, Lemon, and Lavender.

The last two variants make use of aromatherapy to help you relax and regain your balance. Choose Lavender to the calm the senses, and Lemon, to feel more energised. But for those days when you feel more spartan, Neutral works best.

And while it’s hard on chlorine-laden water, Waters Therapy Shower is easy on the wallet – the replaceable cartridge filter can last up to 6 months with daily use for a two-person household, while the shower head was designed to save about 8 litres of water per minute of use.


Taking a shower doesn’t have to be a perfunctory act. It’s one of those few moments when you can take time for yourself. It’s not just a time for cleansing – it’s also a time to recharge and be alone with your thoughts.

Give it the treatment it deserves. Enjoy some guilt-free “me” time with Waters Therapy Shower. Light a few candles, play some music, and put your phone on silent. Turn on the shower and forget everything else.

Aromatherapy is known to reduce stress, anxiety, and agitation. Whether you’re getting ready to face the day or winding down for bed, make sure that you’re feeling your best with the soothing effect of aromatherapy.

With Lavender and Lemon, Waters Therapy Shower will make showering feel like a luxurious experience. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to have a private spa, our aromatherapy shower head filter comes pretty darn close.

And then there’s Neutral for days when you want to keep it nice and simple. A versatile choice, going Neutral also lets you use a scent of your own choosing, be it through scented candles or diffusers.

Our shower water filter also produces roughly 250,000ea negative ions – that’s 50 times more than your average waterfall – which has a remarkable effect on the body. Found in nature, particularly near bodies of moving water, negative ions have a purifying effect on the air by clearing away airborne allergens. They also neutralise free radicals and promote cell metabolism. Feel revitalised every time you shower with Waters Therapy Shower.

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