Dr Peter Dingle (Dingle Wellness)

Speaker, author, researcher, motivator, sustainable health advocate.

Dr Dingle has spent the past twenty five years as a researcher, educator and communicator. He has a Bachelor of Education in Science, a Bachelor of Environmental Science with first class honours and a PhD (1994). He has more than 100 scientifically reviewed papers, 10 books including "A supplement A day Keeps the doctor away, the great Cholesterol Deception and Take control and realise your potential". He conducts ongoing research into diet and nutrition, lifestyle and environmental impacts on health, well being and productivity. Dr D is one of the rare speakers who conducts and presents his own professional research. He is internationally recognised and often quoted by other speakers.

Dr Dingle was an Associate Professor and leading researcher in Health and the Environment at Murdoch University. In recognition of his excellence in teaching, he won the University’s “Teaching In Excellence Award” in 2001 and 2003, he won the coveted Vice Chancellor’s Award for outstanding community service. In 2003, Dr Dingle was a co founder in the award winning Living Smart Program which won the WA adult education award in 2003 and the Eureka Award with $10,000 prize money in 2004. In 2004 he was recognised with special commendation in the WA Environmental Awards and Greenhouses won the best education program and in the same year won the Conscious Living, Nova communicators award. He recently retired after 6 years as a director of the National Registration Authority in Canberra and the Amanda Young Foundation, and is currently a Director of Dingle and Bird Environmental.

Dr Dingle commits to over one hundred public and professional presentations each year. Demand is so high he may present up to 6 times a week. He is popular nationally and internationally for his lively presentations and has presented in 11 countries on 4 continents.

Dr Dingle has appeared on the Media for the last 20 years as expert in environmental and health issues and recently presented in the award winning 7 week TV series shown on SBS and now around the world “Is your home killing you”. He is currently in the planning stages for another TV series. He is a regular on current affairs programs such as Today Tonight and ABC programs like “Can we help” and featured on 4 corners and the 7.30 report. He has appeared on occasions on Sunise, George Negus and other programs. He is a regular on Australian and New Zealand (TV3) TV and radio news and presents a weekly radio program on 6PR and 96 FM. He does a fortnightly program with ABC regional radio and has had extended segments on various ABC radio programs over the years from Launceston to the Sunshine Coast and Geraldton. He is reported weekly in the national media and writes a column for the west Australian and a few public magazines.