Jack Boon (Jungle HQ)

Health & Performance Coach | Owner of Jungle HQ

Since making the transition to properly filtered water I have found many noticeable changes within my body. My motivation to find a reliable water filter came when I discovered the potential risks associated with fluoride consumption in regards to calcification of the pineal gland. Since using the Bio 1000 I have seen improvements to my sleep quality, cognitive function and overall mental health, coming at no surprise given the pineal glands role in regulating hormones including melatonin. More immediately found was the relief to my digestive system, ultimately leaving me performing with an energy capacity beyond my normal capabilities.

I’ve used other water filters in the past but I have always had my skepticism over their efficiency. Many had complicated parts that would break easily or they weren’t very aesthetically pleasing. This is the best one-off purchases someone can make to invest in their health. I always recommend, and will personally never shop anywhere other than Waters Co Australia.