Jordan Pie (Real Life of Pie)

Jordan Pie is the founder of Real Life Of Pie, a qualified nutritionist, and a Gut and Psychology Syndrome (GAPS) Practitioner. Jordan is especially focused on inspiring and helping people to get excited about using real food to nurture, nourish and improve their gut health and in turn their overall wellbeing while getting to the root cause of their debilitating symptoms. 

Jordan is also a healthy recipe developer, food photographer, cookbook author, and educator with a passion for empowering people with knowledge on food additives and nutrition.


A huge part of my own personal healing journey was reducing my toxin exposure. I looked at everything I could from my hair and skin care products to food, what cookware I was using and even the water I drank and showered in. I didn’t want to consume water that was contaminated with bacteria, heavy metals, parasites and toxic chemicals, which is why I started using Waters Co water filters. I’m so impressed with how quickly the jugs filter and often recommend Waters Co water filters to many of my clients as they’re such an affordable option.

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