Caroline Groth

Caroline Høgh Groth

"Having used WatersCo Water filter for almost a whole year, I can confidently say it's changed so much for me. I live with two autoimmune diseases, so being diligent with what I ingest is really important to me. I always make sure it's of the highest quality, and one thing that was lacking was my drinking-water. I've noticed my skin clear up, I'm not as thirsty as I used to be, I don't need to get up in the middle of the night to go pee because the water I drink is better absorbed by my body and my stomach feels much better. It's one of the biggest things I plug when I go to my friends' places, telling them how important it is to not forget our drinking water and the quality of it."


Caroline is a wellness guru that practices what she preaches. A passionate foodie, self-taught yogi and mindfulness advocate, Caroline has personally turned her life around in just a few short years and is passionate about helping others find their own path to health, happiness and wellbeing.


2019 Bondi Chamber - Health Woman of The Year

2014 Pedestrian.TV - 'Lifestyle' Person of the Year

2014 David Jones - Extraordinaire Person of the Year

2014 BUPA - 'Blogger of The Year' Finalist

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