Sofia Potente (The Natural Switch)

As a Gut Health Practitioner, nature lover, mum of two and creator of the Healthy Gut Reset, Sofia Potente is passionate about helping women live a healthier, toxin free life.
"Water is life! Our body is made up of over 70% water. We place so much focus on what we eat, but often forget that clean, chemical free drinking water is a foundation to health. As a gut health practitioner, I always recommend my clients filter their water to remove impurities that damage their gut microbiome and digestion"
The Natural Switch
Digestive health and holistic wellness is her life passion. After struggling with her own son's severe reflux and digestive problems, Sofia healed and transformed her son’s gut using a combination of diet, natural remedies and removing household chemicals, including her drinking water!

Sofia now helps her clients using the same holistic approach with customised diet and nutrition plans, food intolerance and microbiome pathology testing, and supplementation protocols.
With over 16 years experience in health education and research, Sofia is a Certified Integrative Health Practitioner, Certified Essential Oil Specialist and holds postgraduate qualifications in public health (MPH).

As a finalist in the Local Business Awards, Sofia’s work has been published in peer reviewed health journals, Natural Parenting Magazine and Thrive Global.



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