PART 2: How I found shower filters to be an integral part of optimal skin health

August 05, 2019

PART 2:  How I found shower filters to be an integral part of optimal skin health

Before I dive into why I absolutely LOVE the Waters Co Shower Filter I will just recap what lead me to finding this amazing product. 

A couple of years ago after stopping ‘the pill’, I ended up with very angry, uncontrollable acne and was left exploring every avenue to heal my skin naturally, once and for all! This is a journey that I am still on (I am so close to the end of the tunnel ☺ ) but one that I believe I would still be severely struggling with had I not found Waters Co.

After working out why clean, filtered, re-mineralised water was integral to optimal health & healing (See part 1 here), I realised that if our drinking water supply can contain chemical contaminants, microplastics, herbicides, pesticides, fire retardants, pharmaceuticals and who knows what else, then this would also be in the water I was showering in as it was all coming from the same water source. 

Whilst how much of what we put on our skin is actually absorbed is highly debated, there is no doubt that our skin is absorbent. An article published by the American Journal of Public Health found that 64% of contaminants in the water supply can be absorbed through the skin (1). 

Knowing what I now knew which was that our skin is our largest organ, is highly absorbent, and a nice hot shower increases our rate of percutaneous absorption (2) (meaning, the speed that whatever nasties are in the water supply is entering our body through our skin), I quickly realised that I had to do something about my shower.

In my research to healing my skin from acne, I also learnt that the skin microbiome, which is essentially a collective term for the bugs living on our skin, is delicate and maintaining a healthy skin flora is vital in promoting and achieving optimal skin health. One of the main culprit contaminants in public water sources is chlorine. This compound is used as a disinfectant; to kill any disease-causing pathogens and bacteria. 

After learning this I began to ask more questions like; do I really want to be showering in disinfectant? If I am not going to drink this stuff because it damages my gut microbiome should I really be exposing my skin to it? I love my hot showers, but do I really want to increase my exposure to toxic compounds? I have sensitive skin at the best of times and chlorine is known to cause skin irritation & dryness, is this really going to help me heal?? I’m sure you can guess what my answers were to these questions (Hint: it starts with N…. No, Never, No Way, Not likely!)

Enter my saviour; Waters Co Therapy Shower Delux Shower Filter! This simple, cost-effective device not only removes chlorine and other potential toxins, but it contains vitamin C & collagen to support skin health. What’s more is that they even offer the therapy shower filter head option of containing Lemon or Lavender to truly amplify the skin benefits & create an amazing blissful experience. And if all this wasn’t enough, the shower head is designed to save about 8 LITRES of water per minute of use (which is a big thing for me as I love my hot showers haha)!!! So needless to say, I ordered this straight away and have never looked back!! I chose Lavender because I am someone who has always loved having a shower to relax & unwind, and I knew that adding the benefits of aromatherapy into my shower would really help me “chill out”.

Since changing my shower head to the Waters Co Shower Filter Head and implementing all the other wonderful things I was doing to promote health & vitality (See Part 1 for these strategies), my skin irritations, redness & breakouts reduced AND as an added bonus, I ended up with softer skin, healthier hair, and peace of mind knowing that I wasn’t compromising my health by showering in a concoction of nasty chemicals. 


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