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    If you want to transform your tap water into clean, clear drinking water, Waters Co benchtop water filters provide a sustainable solution to reduce plastic waste. Benchtop water purifiers are a cost-saving alternative to bottled water, which has now surpassed the price of petrol, positively affecting your weekly budget. You can save hundreds if not thousands of dollars a year, with replacement filters costing a fraction of the price, while helping to save the planet. Plastic water bottles contribute to 8-9 million metric tons of plastic waste that makes its way into our oceans annually, accounting for 14% of all littered waste, while more than 250 billion water bottles remain unrecycled. Owning a countertop water filter system is a conscious decision to keep plastic waste out of our oceans and waterways, helping to eliminate microplastics while reducing your cost of living and reaping the health benefits of better hydration and alkalised water.

    Waters Co Benchtop Water Filters: Doing Your Bit for the Planet

    Water that tastes like it comes from a natural mineral source is achievable with one of our cost-effective benchtop water filters. Best of all, you reduce your carbon footprint by eliminating plastic water bottles from your shopping list. Suitable for residential and commercial use, available in 10L, 7L, 5.25L capacities and a portable 600ml version, our countertop water filter systems are designed to sustain your daily H2O needs. Replacement filters cost a fraction of the price of bottled water, so you’re doing your household budget a favour, as well as the planet.

    Remove Contaminants With Our Benchtop Water Purifiers

    Compact and convenient, our countertop water filters improve taste and water quality by removing many contaminants, effectively eliminating sediment, chlorine, fluoride, heavy metals, pesticides, viruses and bacteria from your drinking water. Benchtop water purifiers also remove PFAS (per- and polyfluorinated substances) chemicals used to make fluoropolymer coatings that can’t be broken down by water, heat, or oil. You’ll gain access to fresh-tasting, odour-free, alkalised water to help you maintain optimum health.

    The Perils of Unpurified Water

    Chlorine, used to disinfect water to kill bacteria and viruses, if found in high quantities in drinking water, can lead to eye and skin irritations and respiratory issues, resulting in long-term health effects from chronic exposure. Fluoride has typically been added to water to prevent tooth decay. However, many studies have now disproven that fluoride has a positive impact on teeth enamel, while excessive fluoride can lead to dental and skeletal fluorosis (teeth, bone and joint damage) over time. Additionally, many more studies have shown fluoride to be a significant neurotoxin, which can affect development and IQ in children as well as have detrimental effects on organs, thyroid function and more. 

    Prolonged exposure to heavy metals, which typically include aluminium, lead, mercury, copper, cadmium, chromium, zinc, nickel, and arsenic, can also result in neurological and kidney damage, children’s developmental issues and increased risk of disease. Waterborne viruses and bacteria can cause gastrointestinal, respiratory, skin and systemic infections and other illnesses, which can be very dangerous to infants, the elderly and immunocompromised.

    The Benefits of Drinking Purified Water

    Our Waters Co benchtop water filter systems offer exceptional filtration performance, ensuring clean, pure water for hydration and cooking. Our filters help the water quality retain essential minerals, including calcium, magnesium and potassium while alkalising water for increased health benefits. Access to better-tasting, cleaner-smelling drinking water is at your fingertips, removing the need to purchase bottled water or wait for purified water refills to be delivered to your work or residence. 

    There are several benefits to staying hydrated throughout the day, including:

    • Increased cardiovascular health
    • Regulated body temperature, improved digestion
    • Boosted immunity and the flushing of toxins from the body
    • Healthy functionality of muscles and joints
    • Alkalised water can help neutralise acid from the bloodstream, limiting inflammation and disease
    • Optimal kidney function, with lower risk of kidney stones, UTIs and renal failure
    • More radiant-looking skin, hair and nails.

    Waters Co Countertop Water Filters Offer Numerous Advantages

    Waters Co has dedicated decades of research to ensure the most pristine water supplies and optimised purification systems, employing a full-time laboratory where the world’s leading scientists across many disciplines examine water quality issues. Winning several awards for water filtration quality, Waters Co has designed a range of benchtop water filter systems with high-capacity filter cartridges that carry out 13 and 15-stage sterilisation, filtration and activation processes. If you’re installing the BIO 400/500 and the BIO 1000 countertop water filters, they can remove up to 99.99% of fluoride and other common contaminants, setting a new standard for drinking water. 

    Further advantages include: 

    • Turning tap water into alkalised, energised, magnetised and ionised mineral-filled water, with an alkalised pH range of 7.6-8.5, and adding over 60 bio-organic trace minerals
    • Alkaline diskette producing far infrared Qi energy, also known as lifeforce energy for vitality
    • Filters 99% of sediment, rust, bacteria, cysts, chlorine, chemicals, heavy metals, fluoride and odour
    • Seamless set-up, filling and maintenance, along with filter sets lasting 15,000L or the equivalent of 60 months, with regular service reminders
    • Sustainable, eco-friendly alternative to purchasing plastic bottled water
    • Lifetime warranties for our Waters Co countertop water filters

    Why Choose a Waters Co Countertop Water Filter System

    When you’re looking for the best filtered water systems to help maintain optimum purified water for yourself, loved ones or colleagues, Waters Co has just what you need. Whether you want to install a benchtop water purifier or consider the convenience of an under-counter water filtration system, our range of premium water purification products seamlessly delivers clean-tasting, odour-free water for the whole family to enjoy.

    6 products

    Waters Co Benchtop Water Filters FAQs

    1. How do you install a countertop water filter?

    With their compact size, no electricity required, nor a plumbing connection, our Waters Co benchtop water filters make a great addition to your home or business. Installation and flushing is easy with our step-by-step guidebook, with clear diagrams and video instructions (See instructions tab in navigation) to ensure seamless installation of your 10L, 7L or 5.25L countertop water filter system. Follow the instruction manual to gain access to freshly purified, clean-tasting, odour-free drinking water. 

    2. What are the best features of a quality benchtop water purifier?

    Look for multi-stage filtration systems, including activated carbon, sediment filters, reverse osmosis and ion exchange technology with a high contaminant removal rate. Make sure the benchtop water filter removes chlorine, fluoride, sediment, heavy metals, pesticides, viruses and bacteria to ensure optimum drinking water quality. Also, check for simple installation on the countertop, with minimal maintenance and easy-to-replace filters and cartridge replacement indicators. All of our Waters Co countertop water filters are manufactured from hand-blown silica glass and safe, non-chemical, hormone-leeching, BPA-free materials.

    3. What should I expect from the benchtop water filtration system?

    Along with effectively removing contaminants, the filtration process will improve the taste, odour and clarity of your hydration and cooking water for a lifetime. Easy installation without serious plumbing modifications is optimal. Preferably, you want a countertop water filter system that doesn’t take up a lot of bench space. Straightforward maintenance, along with filter replacement indicators and clear instructions, will help keep down your water purification costs, while a reliable filtration system will provide convenient access to high-quality purified water.

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