Get fresh-tasting water with our Australia’s favourite water filter jug

Stay hydrated with our AceBio+ and ♥MyWaterJug

Tap water often has that off taste and smell that can be difficult to mask. Luckily, you don’t have to endure it. Our water filter pitchers can reduce chlorine, fluoride, heavy metals and other contaminants that affect the quality of your drinking water. Our water filtration technology includes a special patented nano activated carbonate compound in a sleek and compact design. Backed by decades of research and investment, our filtration system is the result of scientists’ best collaborative efforts.

Keep the AceBio+ Alkaline Mineral Water Filter in your fridge, kitchen counter, office or car trunk for access to clean and great-tasting water at all times. It comes with a 10-step water filtration system for eliminating contaminants.

Our ♥MyWaterJug Water Filter has a larger 1.5 litre capacity and a 7-step filtration system that’s just as effective at keeping your tap water clean and fresh.

Made with high-quality Perspex®, our water pitchers come with a durable but lightweight BPA-free construction so you can forget about chemicals leaching into your drink. Have peace of mind with each glass of water.

With superior build and intuitive design, this water jug will serve you well for many years to come. If you think it’s time you upgraded your tap water, you can do it the quick, easy and affordable way with our water filter pitchers.

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AceBio+ 1.0 Litre Alkaline Mineral Water Filter Jug

New design AceBIO+ The Ace Bio Mineral Pot is the culmination of over 40 years of experience and research into water filtration by some of the worlds leading scientists in...
$229.00 $199.00
Featured ProductsFilter Jug

♥MyWaterJug 1.5L Water Filter

LOVE YOUR TAP WATER AGAIN! The ♥MyWaterJug is the filter jug you've been searching for, offering the same performance of our larger and more expensive systems at a budget price, but...
Filter JugSale

♥MyWaterJug 1.5L Water filter +3 Pack replacement filters

LOVE YOUR TAP WATER AGAIN!  The ♥MyWaterJug is the filter jug you've been searching for, offering the same performance of our larger and more expensive systems at a budget price, but...
$198.00 $179.95

Our AceBio+ and ♥MyWaterJug have extra capacity for better hydration

Struggling to get your 8 cups of water each day? Let our water filter jugs serve as your guide. With a capacity of 1.5-1L, our heavy-duty water filter jugs have enough capacity for a small household. Easily refillable, this pitcher lets you enjoy the benefits of fresh, clean water throughout the day. It’s the perfect size for the kitchen, car or office, offering a middle ground between our smaller personal bottles and our larger bench top filters.

Drink as much as you need with a larger-capacity water jug with a built-in filter that removes chemicals and sediments from regular tap water. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to meet your daily hydration needs with great-tasting water that comes in a neat container. Stop counting and start feeling refreshed. Our AceBio+ and ♥MyWaterJug make hydration easier and more convenient. It’s one of the best things you can do for your health.

When you’re properly hydrated, you may start seeing improvements in your overall wellness. Discover the benefits of clean, healthy drinking water with our water filter pitchers. It’s one of the most underrated ways of making sure you get enough clean water for the day.

Our water filter jug is the cost-effective choice

Good quality water doesn’t have to cost a pretty penny. Our water filter jug comes with replaceable cartridge filters that can sift through 300 to 4,800 litres of tap water, lasting anywhere from 3 to 24 months depending on which model you purchase. This lets you reuse the pitcher over a long period without compromising water quality. No electricity or tap connection necessary.

Each cartridge filter is fully equipped with our patented multi-step water filtration technology featuring the world’s first nano tech silver ionised coconut shell carbon. With up to 99.9% fluoride removal, our cartridge filters will help ensure the safety and quality of your tap water. Eliminate unwanted chemicals and heavy metals for drinking water that makes you feel good.

With economical cartridge filter sets and replacement parts, our AceBio+ will cost $70 per annum, or less than half compared to similar brands with on-going maintenance. It’s also much less expensive than bottled water, which can cost over hundreds of dollars in cumulative costs. Our water filter jug is the kind of investment that helps you save costs on quality drinking water over the course of its lifetime.

But at the end of the day, you simply can’t put a price tag on peace of mind and the health of your family. Let our AceBio+ do the hard work of filtering your tap water so you can worry less while spending less.

The best water filter jug in Australia comes with a guarantee

Waters Co is committed to customer satisfaction. That’s why we offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee and a Lifetime Replacement Warranty for our AceBio+, ♥MyWaterJug and other products.

Though we’re confident about the quality of all our products, which undergo stringent quality checks and testing, we want to give customers complete assurance. Buy with confidence when you purchase our water filter jugs. Just chat with anyone from our team should you need any replacements.

Aside from warranty and returns, we also offer 24/7 online after sales support. So if you have questions about your recent purchase, one of our representatives will be available to help you set up your new AceBio+ or ♥MyWaterJug, replace the cartridge filter or choose the right replacement parts for your water jug. We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have about our water filter pitcher for maximum user satisfaction.

Again, our water filter jug comes with a patented water filtration system and a quality Perspex® acrylic body to match. With years of research behind it, it's one of the best water filter jugs in Australia. Designed for daily personal use, the AceBio+ and ♥MyWaterJug are durable and low-maintenance additions to your kitchen or office pantry. Just rinse like you would a regular pitcher and replace the cartridge filter as directed.

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