Just like nutrition and sleep, hydration plays a crucial role in immune health. Here’s how to have access to clean water at all times for better hydration.

We all know that a balanced diet and adequate sleep and rest are essential to optimal immune health, without which we would become more susceptible to disease and infection. But the role of proper hydration is often overlooked when it comes to immune support.  How staying hydrated helps support immune...

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Scientists have found that PET bottles leach chemicals into liquids under certain conditions. Here's why you should choose reusable jugs to stay hydrated.

According to Cool Australia, thirsty Aussies spent up to $2 billion on bottled water in 2015 alone. Further consumers buy more than 118,000 tonnes’ worth of plastic drink bottles from the shops each year. But drinking out of PET bottles isn’t just hurting your wallet – it could also be...

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You might be tempted to drink water from that pond. But what if it contains chemicals or bacteria? Here's what you need to know about water contaminants.

Enjoy a good camping trip? Don’t let an upset stomach ruin it for you. Remote water sources can contain illness-causing contaminants – hence the need to bring clean water, or at least a means to filter water, when camping or hiking. Here’s what you need to know about waterborne contaminants...

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