Adelaide Water supplies Chlorine spike causes THM concerns

Recent heavy rains have put significant stress on Adelaide's water supplies. The result of the extra rain fall & run off into reservoirs means a lot of organic matter finds its way into supplies. In order to make the water biologically safe to drink, additional chlorination must be used. This creates its own issues. A higher Chlorine concentration is not great to begin with, as it effects the taste and odour of drinking water and can irritate skin conditions including psoriasis, eczema and dandruff when showering and bathing. 

Additionally, Chlorine can form Trihalomethanes (THMS) when in contact with certain organic compounds which have been linked to certain cancers and also puts a strain on certain vital organs in our bodies including: reproductive organs, thyroid, liver, kidneys and the heart to name a few. When heavy chlorination is required this also brings a significant spike in the level of THMS found in our water supplies & subsequently greater long term health risks.

Absorption of THMS is greater transdermally through the skin when showering and bathing than through drinking water.

With recent heavy rains in South Australia, Victoria and Queensland, it is worth asking the question, 'What impact is it having on my water supplies and am I taking significant measures to ensure these contaminants are being removed from my drinking and showering water?'

Assuming you already use water filtration for your drinking water, you may also wish to consider a shower filter to remove the risk of inhaling chlorine gasses into your lungs, THMS through your skin and the general stress showering in unfiltered water puts on your skin and hair.

water filter parts

Therapy Shower Sediment Filter, Before and After.

Waters Co have been providing shower filters for well over 20 years and our Therapy Shower was a world first to combine Vitamin C, Collagen and Aromatherapy oils in a shower filter. The combination removes Chlorine, Chloramines, THMS, dirt, rust, sediment and helps significantly reduce skin irritation.

shower head


Therapy Shower provides your skin its natural building blocks (Vitamin C and Collagen) to help reduce the ageing effect and damage from sun & Chlorine exposure. Aromatherapy oils have their own additional health benefits both physically, mentally and emotionally. Therapy Shower produces around 200,000 negative ions, significantly higher than a rain forrest, waterfall or walk on the beach to help create more balance and inner wellness.

shower negative ion

Therapy Shower Abundant Negative Ion Production


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